COVID-19 Impacts

Service Updates

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Special Services

Valley Transit will provide a shuttle to the summer concert series at the Wine Country Amphitheater which is open to the public.

The service dates for the shuttle are 6/8/22, 6/10/22. 6/28/22, 8/17/22, 8/23/22, and 9/20/22.Image with valley transit logo, saying concert shuttle, and depicting the map with 9 bus stops along the route looping to and from the concert drop off location. Includes the time each loop will run.

Current Rider Alerts

(services changes or adjustments typically lasting only a day)

None at this time.

Long Term Deviations

Map showing route three outbound path along third street and eagan street , and inbound path traveling on Chestnut and third streetStarting on 5/5/22, Route 3 (2nd Ave/Wa-Hi) will be deviating to accommodate the first phase of the Poplar/Alder Construction Project. The outbound bus will instead travel on Eagan, 3rd Avenue, and Alder before returning to the regular route. The inbound bus will travel on Chestnut, then 3rd before returning to the regular route. This deviation is expected to last at least until June 2022.

map showing route sevent traveling on third street, eagan street, and whitman street before returning to the regular routeStarting 5/5/22, Route 7 (Pleasant Street Loop) will be deviating to accommodate the Poplar/Alder Construction Project. The bus will instead travel on 3rd, Eagan, 2nd, Whitman, and Division. This will cut off access to Alder Street and Birch Street. This is expected to last through the summer.

map showing route four traveling on Roosevelt street, and Isaacs avenue, before returnign to regular route

Starting on 4/25/22. Route 4 (Melrose/Alder) will be deviating to accommodate the Poplar/Alder Construction Project. Due to some existing barriers for buses to travel on either Clinton Street or Division Street, the route will deviate starting at Roosevelt Street. The inbound bus will then travel westbound on Isaacs Avenue to return to the regular route on Rose Street.

map shouwing the east loop route traveling on Roosevelt street and Isaacs Avenue before returning to regular routeStarting on 4/30/22, and continuing every Saturday for the duration of the Poplar/Alder Construction Project, The East Loop will be on a deviated route. The bus will travel North on Roosevelt Street, and West on Isaacs before returning to route on Rose Street.

Service Reduction Schedule (Effective 4/10/22)

Beginning Monday, April 10th, 2022, the daytime Fixed Route schedule will return to pre-pandemic levels. Service will run regularly between 6:15 am and 6:00 pm, Monday through Friday. The timetables below in red and white will be accurate at that time.

The one exception will be the “East Loop” and “West Loop” timetables, which are for evening service. At this time, there are no evening services running, but the schedule for those loops on Saturday is accurate.

There will be no capacity restrictions on the buses, and masks are now optional

If you need help planning your trip or have questions, please call us at 509-525-9140.