COVID-19 Impacts

Service Updates

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See how route timing is impacted, or check your bus location on iTransitNW. Vea cómo se ve afectado el tiempo de la ruta o verifique la ubicación de su autobús en iTransitNW.

Service Changes

All services have returned to regular hours as listed on the website. Some routes remain impacted by local construction; please pay close attention to this page’s short-term and long-term deviation sections to stay informed of changes to your route.

Proposed Route Changes for 2025

comparison of existing system map and future system map with changes to routes 2, 6, and 9. list of route name changes highlighting changes to mainlines, and route 2

comparison of the former route 2 to the new route 8 that will change pattern to travel on larch street, c street, myra road, and whitman street moving forward

comparison image for route 9 showing the pen. being deviation only, traveling on carrie instead of edit, and traveling down 9th to rose to return to the tc
Special Services

(community events with auxiliary public transit services)

None at this time.

Current Short-Term Rider Alerts

(services changes or adjustments typically lasting less than a week)

On 7/15/24 and 7/1624 Route 4 will deviate to accommodate construction work. The bus will deviate from Rose Street to Isaacs Avenue, then Division Street, and finally return to the regular route on Melrose.

map of route 4 deviating from rose street to Isaacs ave to division street before returning to route on melrose
Long Term Deviations

None at this time.