COVID-19 Impacts

Service Updates

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See how route timing is impacted, or check your bus location on iTransitNW. Vea cómo se ve afectado el tiempo de la ruta o verifique la ubicación de su autobús en iTransitNW.

Service Changes

All services have returned to regular hours as listed on the website. Some routes remain impacted by local construction; please pay close attention to this page’s short-term and long-term deviation sections to stay informed of changes to your route.

Image depicts satellite view of the street in front of Wa-Hi and contains the following text: Effective Monday (3/18/24), New Wa-Hi Bus Stop Location Due to traffic pattern changes, and safety issues arising during peak travel times, the Valley Transit bus stop will be relocated to the pullout location nearest to the parking lot entrance near the Main office. This location is highlighted in yellow in this image. Thank you for your patience for our bus drivers, and the parents traveling in the area, as we make this change.
Special Services

(community events with auxiliary public transit services)

Valley Transit will run a free shuttle to the Nite Glow, during the Balloon Stampede on 5/10/24. The shuttle will run between 5:49 and 9:25 pm. Prior to the shuttle, Route Three may be used to reach the event. The event bus stop will be on the South side of Tietan Street, East of Howard Street.

route timetable for the balloon stampede shuttle on 5/10/24. shows bus leaving the transit center at 5:45, 6:05, 6:25, 6:45, 7:05, 7:25, 7:45, 8:05, 8:25, 8:45, and 9:05 and shows the bus leaving Tietan Park at 5:55, 6:15, 6:35, 6:55, 7:15, 7:35, 7:55, 8:15, 8:35, 8:55, and 9:15. the last shuttle from the park leaves at 9:15.

Current Short-Term Rider Alerts

(services changes or adjustments typically lasting less than a week)

Effective April 18, 2024, Route 5 will have the following deviation due to construction on 3rd Avenue: From Tietan Street, Route 5 will turn left on 4th Avenue and skip the stop at 3rd & Yakima. It will continue on its normal route when it reaches 4th Avenue and Orchard St. See map for route. Please call (509) 525-9140 if you have any questions.

Route 5 deviation map. From Tietan, Route 5 will turn north on 4th Ave and will continue on it's normal route after Orchard St. It will not travel on 3rd Ave.

Long Term Deviations

None at this time.